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3 Unknown Destinations in Prague

Prague is one of the most favorite touristic city of Europe. Every year 17.000 tourists visit that city with great expectations. There are several famous touristic places such as Charles Bridge, Powder Tower, St. Vitus Catedral etc. However, we bet that you will be suprised how much intersting places exsist in that city. Furthermore those places are not know by a common tourist.

Eternal Book Hole

Who doesnt like reading book? That hole also feeds our souls with an aesthetic shape. It is located on the first floor of Municipal Library of Prague. It’s basicly designed as a tower which is made by books. Two mirrors are placed at the top and bottom of that tower. So when you look down from the hole on that book tower it looks eternal. Sounds magical right?

Unstopable Elevator

Imagine an elevator which never stops. And now that question comes our minds: “How can we get on it then?”. The answer is simple, you have to jump in it while it’s moving! That elevator is located in the Prague City Hall. It’s made by wood and a huge wheel always turns for make it move, it has no door so you can jump in it easily.

The Narrowest Street of the World

It is not so important that you see this place; after seeing it, nothing will change in your life; but it has been registered with "the narrowest street in the world". Two people can not walk in this street side by side. The street has two traffic lights at the end and and beginning of it. So when someone enters the street, the red light become activated and the other side starts to wait. Since the Kafka Museum is also very close, take a look that street if you visit there.

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