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5 Apps that Every Woman Should Download on Their Phones

Check Yourself

This is an app for women to control their breasts against breast cancer. Every woman should control their breast regularly. This app guide women how to check their breasts and also remind women how often they should check their breasts.

Workout for Women

Women should have a different workout program from man. This app provide woman special workout program with exercises that every woman can do easily in their homes. Exercises include body shaping, weight loss and condition exercises. It also encourage woman doing daily exercises.


It is very easy to follow your menstruation cycle with Clue. Clue is very successful menstrual application, you can easily control your monthly turn. It provides very useful interface. Also it has many useful advice and information besides the unit calendar.

Virtual Nail Salon With this app you do not need to try nailpolishes on your nails. You can try them in virtual environment with the help of this app and hem buy or not. After you download the app you take the picture of your nails and you can try different designs on your nails. It is also possible to select ready-made models in the application.


It is very popular application. It can be used for many purposes. If you want to chance your hair style or color you can try it virtually on this application. You can also try and see different make up styles on your face. All you have to do take a photo of your face and try different hair or make up style on you.

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